Author of An Ordinary Age, out 5/4/2021. Freelance writer. Kentuckian.


  • Dee Mudhir

    Dee Mudhir

    Navigating my way through this lecture of self-consciousness, with an afternoon break of self-confidence and a tutorial on self-belief.

  • David Henry Lehmann

    David Henry Lehmann

  • Bianca T.

    Bianca T.

    Amateur writer and animator. Amateur — derived from the Latin amator — “lover of. On topics of belonging, learning and eventually some hope.

  • Grexter Living

    Grexter Living

    Co-living spaces for the coolest kids on the block.

  • Nadine Oland

    Nadine Oland

  • Paul Scott Jr

    Paul Scott Jr

    Human. Father. Veteran. Author.

  • Dheeraj Thukral

    Dheeraj Thukral

    Digital Marketing Strategist, Thinker, Dreamer, Traveller, Blogger at

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