The Hand-Me-Downs That Make Our Homes

The grey typewriter sitting on a white bedroom shelf, with Mari Andrew’s book My Inner Sky propped up next to it.
Photo courtesy of Natalie. A dining table facing three windows, with two bouquets of flowers. In the middle sits a bell jar of taxidermied birds.

The Taxidermied Bird Bell Jar

Photos courtesy of Harper. Three photos: The grey sculpted rooster statue on the far left on a gold shelf, the sprinkle chicken cookie jar in the middle on a floating shelf, and the round, all white ceramic chicken to the far left.

The Sprinkle Chicken

Photo courtesy of Ashley. A green and white checked quilt, a quilt with birds cross-stitched onto it, a quilt with a lavender floral cross-stitch pattern, and a pink, white, and purple patterned quilt across a bed.

A Legacy of Quilts

Author of An Ordinary Age, out 5/4/2021. Freelance writer. Kentuckian.

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